From research to business

From turnkey solutions to project consulting, we help companies develop hardware and software systems and satisfy their customers.

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Our mission

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We research, design and implement effective solutions, analyze results, and keep improving.

We focus on Human-Computer Interaction

We help companies innovate and transform innovative ideas and research projects in viable businesses

Our services

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Innovation design

Whether you need a solution for a problem or want to develop a new system, we got your back.

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Software development

From simple websites to complex architectures, we assist you from design to deployment.

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System integration

Our Rapid Application Development approach meets your budget, deadlines, and expectations.

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Data-driven growth

We provide you with information that help you take better decisions and serve your customers.

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Scalable deployment

Our solutions are based on modular and extensible frameworks and systems that support your growth.

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Digital promotion

Reaching target users is hard. We support you in choosing and using the right tools for your audience.

Products and projects

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An input output communication device designed for people who are deafblind.

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A web platform for calls for papers for scientific conferences and academic journals.

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An interactive ring that enables controlling applications with movements of the hands.

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A wearable sensor and an AI-based platform system for managing cardiovascular risk.

We received 30+ international awards

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  • Address: Vico Capurso 30, 70126 Bari (Italy)
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • +39 344 2932352‬


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